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Titleist® Pro V1x™ Golf Balls
The Titleist® Pro V1x™ is designed for players with the highest swing speeds and high lift launch conditions. Most commonly used for the golfers seeking low long game spin for long straight distance and consistent flight. This ball features a Drop-and-Stop™ greenside control, allows for exceptional distance and excellent durability. Hand out this golf ball at your next golfing trade show.  more info...
Production Time : 5-7 working days after artwork approval
SKU : 20175
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TaylorMade Tour Preferred Golf Balls
The TaylorMade Tour Preferred is a 4 layered golf ball that provides players the combination of distance and feel they need from tee to green. Off the tee, it gives exceptional distance with a slightly higher ball flight than that of other TaylorMade balls. The softer feel offers tour level green-side spin along with controlled flight with wedges.  more info...
Production Time : 5-7 working days after artwork approval
SKU : 20178
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The PutterWheel won the audience vote for Best New Product! This hot product has been used as a gift in PGA Tour Events and celebrity golf tournaments, featured in Golf Magazine, Golf Digest, and reviewed on the Golf Channel. The innovative PutterWheel helps golfers with every aspect of putting. Use the included alignment template to apply two parallel lines on your game ball that are the same width as the PutterWheel. The lines help visualize the wheel to make the same smooth rolling stroke that you used during practice. Step 1: Line up the PutterWheel to your target. The patented design provides a clear and specific line from both behind the wheel and above. Step 2: The unique red sidewalls get your eyes directly above the ball every time. If you see red, you are not standing at optimal position. Step 3: With correct line and setup, you simply need to stroke the PutterWheel on it's intended line. If you fail to make square impact, the PutterWheel provides feedback by curving/wobbling off line.  more info...
Production Time : 10-15 working days after artwork approval
SKU : 23849
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